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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

BREAKING: New pope selected

The cardinals of the Catholic Church have selected a new pope. It will be Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger of Germany, who was widely rumored to be a likely successor to John Paul II. He has chosen the name of Pope Benedict XVI (the 16th). More details to come....

These details from KOMO:
Ratzinger, the first German pope in centuries, served John Paul II since 1981 as head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. In that position, he has disciplined church dissidents and upheld church policy against attempts by liberals for reforms. He turned 78 on Saturday.
NY Times:
The bells tolled and white smoke drifted from a chimney over the Sistine Chapel today, signaling that the cardinals of the Roman Catholic Church who were meeting inside had elected a new pope on the second day of their secret conclave.

It was a moment that thousands of people in St. Peter's Square had been waiting for. Long streams of Romans hurried to St. Peter's Square and horns blared as people rushed to learn who was selected. People cheered and clapped at the white smoke and deep resonating ringing of the bells, signs that the Vatican had said would indicate that the new pope had been chosen.

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