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Sunday, March 20, 2005

Thousands protest war in Iraq

From the Associated Press:
Hundreds of protesters braved a steady rain Saturday, decrying the war in Iraq two years after U.S. troops led the invasion that later toppled Saddam Hussein's regime.

Bill Dubay, a Navy veteran who once trained U.S. marines for combat, called the war an imperialist power grab.

"We stay there through so-called national pride," he said. "We've got nothing to gain but profits from oil."
Many marched to show their frustration with the current administration's arrogant policies, including preemptive strike and alienating other nations by refusing to participate in treaties such as the Kyoto Protocol, as well as nominating individuals hostile to the international community to serve in important international roles, such as Bolton (U.N. ambassador) and Paul Wolfowitz (for head of the World Bank).

We've said it many times: the war in Iraq was a horrific mistake. It has cost thousands of American and Iraqi lives. The "weapons of mass destruction" were never found, and are no longer talked about.

The Iraqis' plight has not improved, despite the fact that we have been there for two years. A huge number of Iraqis just want us to leave.

The war is costing American taxpayers billions of dollars. It's plunging our country further into debt. While we waste millions fighting in Iraq, Bush is proposing cutting a great number of social programs at home.

The only people that are benefiting from this war in Iraq are companies such as Halliburton. The American people are not benefiting, the Iraqi people are not benefiting, the Middle East region is not benefiting, and our troops are certainly not benefiting. So who is?

American megacorporations, that's who. Halliburton, the Carlyle Group, Unocal, and so many more. And the Administration is benefiting - the Iraq war and the war on terrorism has distracted the nation from accomplishing real priorities.

Anyway, people have gotten to protesting the war...and the administration...any way they can. Protests are a great way to do this, of course, but I'm intrigued by the innovation of one guy from California whose tactics have become known as "freeway blogging." Here's a link to his site.

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