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Monday, March 21, 2005

Pacific NW Portal Newswires Improve

The Pacific Northwest Portal team has been hard at work building you a better website. We're rolling out our latest improvement this morning: better newswires. Here's the details:

First, we noticed some "bad behavior" in the previous newswires, and we've eliminated it. Right wing media such as WorldNetDaily, FOX News, and NewsMax have cropped up a few times on the front page (yuck). The improved newswires should filter out that garbage. Additionally, in some cases, the newswires would get corrupted by strange characters thanks to some media source that hasn't quite figured the Internet out yet. You shouldn't be seeing any more of that.

Second, for Washington, Oregon, and Idaho, the news search is now restricted to local media in each state, so the coverage is much better. Outside perspectives can be interesting, but local news is best covered by local media. (No longer will you see that story from the Rapid City Journal that kept creeping back into the WA state newswire like a phantom: "Voters in 11 states choose governors") The news searches have also been refined so the results are more precise.

And third, the national news search has been fine-tuned to pick up the top political news stories with a stronger focus on the Democratic Party and progressive politics. Again, it shouldn't pick up any right wing sites. You'll get more of the stories that you actually want to read, and the coverage will be more diverse, so you see stories from across the nation, not just Washington D.C.

Go to the front page to see the improved newswires, and let us know what you think! We're always glad to have your feedback.

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