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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

NPI: One Year of Blogging

Today marks the one year anniversary of the founding of this very weblog: the Northwest Progressive Institute Official Blog.

We began this blog a year ago to provide a liberal, progressive perspective on local, national, and international news and politics.

Today, one year later, we're still hard at work, blogging away.

One year ago, at exactly this same time (11:02 AM) I published this short post:

Welcome to the new Northwest Progressive Institute blog! Here, you can view the thoughts and ideas of the Northwest Progressive Institute.

We'll be posting daily updates, so check back often!
We've come a long way since then - 365 days, as a matter of fact. We blew through a whole spring, summer, and fall of campaigning.

We watched the launch of Air America Radio, which will be celebrating its own one year anniversary in a couple of days. We observed Condoleeza Rice testifying before the 9/11 Commission, noted Ronald Reagan's death, and covered the 2004 Democratic National Convention.

We followed John Kerry and John Edwards' campaign enthuastically as they trailblazed to win the Presidency and the White House. We critiqued the Republican National Convention and stayed on top of the last moments of the campaign.

And on the night of November 2nd, we went to the Democratic Victory Party in Seattle to watch the night unfold. We lost the White House, but Patty Murray won reelection and Initiative 892 was defeated.

But the gubernatorial race didn't end. No, that went on for nearly another two months. And we followed the events unfolding in that race as well, which eventually ended in a victory for Christine Gregoire, who is now our Governor.

It's been one amazing year, with plenty of ups and downs. But today, we celebrate and rewnew our commitment to providing a fresh, progressive perspective from the Pacific Northwest.

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