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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Scientists Feeling the Sting of Bush Administration Agendas

According to speakers at a meeting of the American Association for Advancement of Science, budget cuts in scientific R&D and science education in public schools will stifle the nation's ability to produce future scientists.

Other concerns voiced by the scientific community are the possibility of higher visa requirements and restrictions being used to control the flow of scientists from other nations into the US, the ejection of scientists from planning the administration's environmental policy, and attempts to disprove proven aspects of science (mainly the global warming aspect).

Censorship is not new to the Bush Administration's policies, but the attempts to silence the scientific community is just downright wrong.

The challenges from the Bush Administration have left scientists scrambling to match their work to the Bush Administration agenda.

Plus, with the R&D budget cuts, any research into alternative energy will be delayed due to lack of funds and the education budget cuts will compound the problem of a shortage of PhD level scientists we are facing by creating a shortage of MS and BS level scientists (a very sad prospect indeed).

Most likely, this administration is trying to create a country of people who don't understand basic scientific thought so that they can continue with their "faith based initiatives" and their destruction of the environment in the name of profits with little resistance from an ignorant public.

This kind of behavior from the Bush White House is absolutely unacceptable. It is time to act and stop this crap. I am calling for all who wish to save the scientific community and the environment from President Bush and his friends on Wall Street to do anything they can to show that we will not stand for this.

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