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Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Republican shadow group blasts Senn in attack ads

Group refuses to disclose finances, P-I calls ads "cowardly" in new editorial

This week an “anonymous”, “independent” committee stepped into the Democratic primary for attorney-general by launching a million dollar media campaign attacking the front-runner, Deborah Senn.

This shadowy group is filled with ties to the Republican Party: its executive director, Bruce Boram, works for the Dave Reichert campaign (for 8th District).

With an astounding total media buy of $1,170,000 during the final two weeks of the campaign, the VEC will outspend the four Democratic and GOP candidates combined.

This is not only ridiculous, but it is an outright violation of Washington's public disclosure law. Boram and his other cohorts on the "committee" say they do not have to register and file with the PDC.

But the PDC today said the ads are clearly political advertising, and promises to take action against the "Voters Education Committee" for not registering as a PAC.

The P-I slammed the group and its attack ads, saying:
Questioned by P-I Capitol correspondent Chris McGann, Boram made the brazenly disingenuous claim that buying hundreds of thousands of dollars in attack ads within 10 days of the primary "has nothing to do with the election."

It's a dodge -- a way to avoid reporting expenditures and contributors to the state Public Disclosure Commission. "This is just trying to highlight an issue," Boram said. "... It's not political."

Read the full editorial from the Seattle P-I.

The PDC should pursue enforcement action against this rogue group that is clearly violating Washington's public disclosure law.

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