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I never worked directly with Wyman in any of the four years I was the prime sponsor of HB 1745, enacting the Washington Voting Rights Act. In a previous session, the secretary’s staff did meet with me and stakeholders regarding concerns several of us had. I never heard from staff or the secretary about what she may have thought about the bill. To my knowledge, Wyman has never made any public statements about the bill after opposing it during her first campaign. She certainly never made any visible effort to help pass the bill in this biennium.

Letter from Luis Moscoso: Kim Wyman didn’t work with me on voting rights bill

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Washington’s crowded contest for Lieutenant Governor gets lively

“The realist, the fighter, the outsider, and the really, really experienced one — that’s how you might think about the four top candidates in the race for lieutenant governor, which will be narrowed down to two spots [this Tuesday],” writes Crosscut’s Tom James.