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This year, Los Angeles is going all out to knock down transportation barriers to voting

Way to go, Los Angeles! Courtesy of Mayor Eric Garcetti’s campaign team, here’s an update on what America’s second largest metropolitan region is doing to make it easier for voters in Southern California to cast ballots.

Voting is our most fundamental right as Americans.

We know that 51% of California voters cite a lack of transportation as a factor in deciding not to vote — so we’re doing everything possible to make sure that nothing stands between you and your ballot.

Check out these nine ways we’re making it easier for you to get to and from the polls on November 6.


  1. Metro trains will be free all day.
  2. Metro buses will be free all day.
  3. LADOT’s DASH and Commuter Express buses will be free all day.
  4. Parking meters will be free within one block of polling places.
  5. Parking time limits will be relaxed within one block of polling places.
  6. Parking restrictions due to street cleaning will be suspended within one block of polling places.
  7. Permit parking will be suspended within one block of polling places.
  8. The first thirty minutes of Metro Bike Share will be free: use code 1162018.
  9. Access Services and Cityride will provide free rides to and from the polls for riders with disabilities and their companions.

Every vote counts in our democracy. Make your voice heard on Tuesday, November 6.

There is no good excuse for not voting. Be sure your ballot is in a drop box or at a post office by the last outgoing mail collection time before tomorrow night!

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Redmond’s Villeneuve, Eyman file dueling statewide initiatives

Reporter Newspapers reports on the filing of the Majority Vote Protection Act by NPI founder and Executive Director Andrew Villeneuve. The Majority Vote Protection Act would set a minimum turnout threshold for passage of initiatives and referenda, and require that any initiative to impose a supermajority vote requirement for anything pass by the same supermajority threshold.