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It goes beyond politics now. I’m a Republican, I’ll finish a Republican as I cruise through my 91st year. But you’ve got to put the nation’s interests and the state’s interests ahead of politics… I just feel that the Democrats have got superior credentials to what is being offered.

— Virginia Republican Party dean John Warner endorses Democrats for Congress, including Senator Tim Kaine (via NBC News)

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Why do you hold power if you’re not doing the right thing for your country? If you’re doing the right thing people tend to send you back to Congress.

— Florida Democratic Representative Joe Garcia, suggesting ousted Republican Majority Leader Eric Cantor use remaining time in office to work on immigration reform in a short interview with The Washington Post.

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What Cantor’s fall means to Wall Street, Beltway

The Hill’s Kevin Cirilli analyzes how the financial sector will respond to Eric Cantor’s defeat at the hands of a Tea Party Republican, and speculates that Cantor’s downfall could lead to a House Republican caucus even more unwilling to compromise.