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How San Francisco broke America’s heart

“To many inhabitants, San Francisco has become unrecognizable in a decade, as though it had gone on a cosmetic surgery bender,” writes Karen Heller. “San Francisco has less of what makes a city dynamic. It has the lowest percentage of children, 13.4 percent, of any major American city, and is home to about as many dogs as humans under the age of 18.”

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Seattle: lose your ego, get an ambassador

“In our own minds,” writes Knute Berger, “Seattle is a gleaming model of progressivism. But folks look at homelessness, housing prices, affordability, crime, taxes and traffic and, at the very least, have their doubts. They shake their heads, and some sneer: This is the progressive city on the hill?”

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Oso neighborhood never should have been built

The Seattle Times has an in-depth article today about the neighborhood that was destroyed in the Oso mudslide two months ago. It turns out that the neighborhood, called Steelhead Haven, was constructed without proper permits.

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Risk of massive slide ‘unforeseen’? Warnings go back decades

The Seattle Times connects with geologists who have long been concerned with the a catastrophic failure of the hill above the rural Snohomish County community along the Stillaguamish River near Oso, especially Daniel and Lynne Roders Miller, who wrote a prescient report in 1999 for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers warning of disaster.