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Desperate Republicans spotted in South Dakota trying to build Keystone XL themselves

Republicans are so keen on doing TransCanda’s bidding that they have showed up in South Dakota to build the Keystone XL pipeline themselves, The Onion reports.


Video Clip

The Ford Motor Company has produced a brilliant rejoinder to the widely-disliked ad created by General Motors’ Cadillac division for the 2014 Super Bowl. In that ad (“Poolside“), a middle age white male portrayed by Neal McDonough glorifies work at the expense of leisure time before driving away in a Cadillac ELR.

In Ford’s spot, the founder of Detroit Dirt, Pashon Murray (who’s portraying herself!), explains that many of us feel we have a higher calling – to leave the world a better place than we found it – before getting into a Ford C-MAX hybrid. It’s an incredibly well-done parody, and worth watching. (Via AdWeek).