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We don’t want him using these lyrics… If Dad were alive, he would’ve ripped (Trump) with a great poem in rebuttal. Not only a poem and a song, but an essay and everything else.

— Maggie Brown, daughter of poet and author Oscar Brown Jr., condemning Donald Trump’s use of a song written for her father (via The Chicago Tribune: Donald Trump likes to read “The Snake” at his rallies. The author’s family wants him to stop)

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It’s become a real badge of honour to have that sticker on your CD now… It came out of this puritanical drive in America against rock and gangsta rap but completely backfired because bands would add in extra swearing just to get the sticker. Kids would want to buy that album because it had the label on and it made your CD seem cool. After all, isn’t music partly about annoying your parents?

— Dan Stubbs, news editor of music weekly NME, speaking to BBC News about the folly of the Parental Advisory Explicit Content sticker, developed by the Parents Music Resource Council in the 1990s.


I wasn’t the obvious punk-rock singer, or even rock singer. I sang like a girl — which I’m into now, but when I was 17 or 18, I wasn’t sure. And I heard Joey Ramone, who sang like a girl, and that was my way in.

Bono, speaking with Rolling Stone about the making of U2’s surprise album ‘Songs of Innocence’, which was released today through iTunes.