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California Drying

The above images are not satellite photographs. They show how much groundwater has been lost from central and southern California over the past decade, mostly due to agriculture. (Image: NASA, via the Los Angeles Times)

Video Clip

The Ford Motor Company has produced a brilliant rejoinder to the widely-disliked ad created by General Motors’ Cadillac division for the 2014 Super Bowl. In that ad (“Poolside“), a middle age white male portrayed by Neal McDonough glorifies work at the expense of leisure time before driving away in a Cadillac ELR.

In Ford’s spot, the founder of Detroit Dirt, Pashon Murray (who’s portraying herself!), explains that many of us feel we have a higher calling – to leave the world a better place than we found it – before getting into a Ford C-MAX hybrid. It’s an incredibly well-done parody, and worth watching. (Via AdWeek).

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Alaska wolf killings upset National Park Service

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game’s dumb decision to slaughter an eleven-member wolf pack in the eastern interior last week has the federal National Park Service fuming. NPS officials had been studying the wolves; the pack’s alpha pair had been fitted with tracking collars.


It has become increasingly clear to the public the environmental damage that single-use plastic bags have reaped… This is the beginning of the phase-out of single-use plastic bags — period.

— California State Senator Alex Padilla, who is working on legislation that would completely ban throwaway plastic bags, which are an environmental menace.