The Republican Formula

‘Highly suspect’: Unusual clusters of Miami voters switched to Republican, data show

“According to the Miami Herald’s tally, 5,428 people’s party affiliation changed between the October and January registration files. Many of the changes were concentrated in multi-family residential buildings, often low-income housing, raising questions about whether the changes are part of a targeted effort,” reporters Bianca Padró Ocasio and Claudia Chacin write.

Buy Nothing promotional photo

Buy Nothing brings neighborhoods together with no cost goods

“What started in 2013 as a hyperlocal network of ‘circular gift economies’ in Bainbridge Island, Washington, has ballooned into a constellation of Buy Nothing groups with 4.3 million members in 44 countries,” Taylor Telford reports. “Members can request or offer any item or service as long as it’s legal; however buying, selling and bartering are prohibited.”