You Again? Stop the "alt right", neo-Nazis, and white supremacists

The best way to fight neo-Nazis is to… laugh?

The Seattle Times’ Danny Westneat writes: “Hate is marching in the streets. Some of the same groups that marched in Charlottesville are growing in the Northwest. A local author has argued the best thing to do to confront it all is to … show up and mock them.” The local author Westneat talked to is none other than David Neiwert, the respected creator of Orcinus and an expert on right wing extremism and eliminationists.


Can charities survive Trump? For some, it’s life and death

“When administrations change, there is a normal ebb and flow of political appointees and an inevitable shift in focus for power brokers. Everyone adjusts to a new normal, identifies where opportunities are and finds point-people in the White House and on Capitol Hill who can advance their agendas,” writes The New York Times’ Liz Moyer. “But everything changed in January, with the new administration determined to slash budgets and minimizing priorities for anything not related to the military and Homeland Security.”