SNL cold open with Stormy Daniels

Stormy Daniels joins Ben Stiller, other surprise guests for star-studded SNL cold open

Saturday Night Live really pulled out all the stops for last night’s cold open. Ben Stiller returned as Michael Cohen, Scarlett Johansson, Jimmy Fallon, and Martin Short made guest appearances, and Kate McKinnon debuted a new impression of a Trump crony. But that wasn’t all: before the sketch was over, viewers were treated to a surprise cameo from Stormy Daniels herself.

Caricature of Donald Trump

The United States of America is decadent and depraved

“We cannot blame everything on Donald Trump, much though we might want to,” writes James Traub. “In the decadent stage of the Roman Empire, or of Louis XVI’s France, or the dying days of the Habsburg Empire so brilliantly captured in Robert Musil’s The Man Without Qualities, decadence seeped downward from the rulers to the ruled. But in a democracy, the process operates reciprocally. A decadent elite licenses degraded behavior, and a debased public chooses its worst leaders. Then our Nero panders to our worst attributes — and we reward him for doing so.”