Protest over North Carolina's HB 2

North Carolina Republicans, U.S. Department of Justice file dueling lawsuits over HB 2

The fight over HB 2 North Carolina’s discriminatory new law targeting transgender individuals, has escalated after Republican Governor Pat McCrory and his legislative cohorts filed a lawsuit against the federal government seeking a determination that HB 2 does not violate the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The Department of Justice promptly responded with its own lawsuit asserting that HB 2 *does* violate the Civil Rights Act. Justice is asking for an injunction to block HB 2 from being enforced.

Stephanie McCleary, lead plaintiff in McCleary v. State

A mother’s battle exposed inequities and injustices. A state is held in contempt of court. But corporations save their tax breaks and promised education dollars aren’t flowing.

The Boston Globe tells the story of the McCleary legal case, brought against the State of Washington over the Legislature and governor’s failure to amply provide for the education of the state’s youth as required by Section IX of Washington’s Constitution.