Nuclear submarine near Naval Base Kitsap

NPI’s Gael Tarleton: Scale back U.S. nuclear weapons and stop a new arms race

The United States should reduce its nuclear force by a third to maintain an effective deterrent while making the world safer, writes NPI’s Gael Tarleton in a Seattle Times op-ed. “With that number, we could still keep 1,000 warheads at sea, more than enough for any conceivable military mission. Kitsap would continue to have a mission and the thousands of jobs that come with it.”

Gulfstream jet in flight

Private jets: This is how much Google, Facebook and other US companies spent on free flights for their business executives

Vitally important reporting by David Crow, Robin Kwong, Caroline Nevitt and Jennifer Bissell: “The Corporate Jet Files, an analysis of 1,000 securities filings by the Financial Times, has found that a significant number of corporations are still footing the bill for their executives to take personal flights on corporate jets, sometimes accompanied by family and friends.”

Stop Fast Track: Protest in Dallas

Countries sign the TPP… Whatever happened to the ‘debate’ we were promised before signing?

TechDirect’s Mike Masnick reacts to the news that the twelve nations involved in the gargantuan Trans-Pacific Partnership have “signed” the pact. The TPP has been called a trade deal, but most of the TPP’s provisions actually have more to do with creating rules favorable to multinational corporations that could trump national laws intended to protect important things like individual privacy and manufacturing jobs than lowering barriers to trade.