Social Security card on top of a bed of money

The Republican Party’s long war against Medicare and Social Security

“It has been widely forgotten, but soon after taking office Ronald Reagan proposed major cuts to Social Security. But he backed down in the face of a political backlash, leading analysts at the Cato Institute to call for a ‘Leninist’ strategy — their word — creating a coalition ready to exploit a future crisis if and when one arrived,” Paul Krugman writes.

Homes on Martha's Vineyard

Migrants stranded in Martha’s Vineyard say they were lied to

“Migrants in the group said they’d agreed to fly to Massachusetts on the promise of jobs and assistance but didn’t realize they were bound for Martha’s Vineyard. No one on the island knew they were coming and, according to their attorneys, they’d been given falsified U.S. addresses by immigration officials, perhaps ensuring that they’d be deemed in the country illegally,” Miami Herald Political Reporter Bianca Padró Ocasio reports.

Bellevue Housing Research poll press conference

Watch the unveiling of NPI’s initial August 2022 Bellevue housing research findings

Eastside For All’s Debbie Lacy, Complete Streets Bellevue’s Chris Randels, and the Housing Development Consortium’s Patience Malaba joined NPI’s Andrew Villeneuve on Monday, September 12th to unveil the initial findings of the August 2022 Bellevue housing poll commissioned by NPI and the Bellevue Housing Research Coalition.