Get your knee off our necks: A sign protesting the murder of George Floyd

Minnesota Governor Tim Walz has signed into law a police accountability bill that prohibits neck restraints

“The bill, passed by the Legislature earlier this week, also bans chokeholds and fear-based or ‘warrior-style’ training, which critics say promotes excessive force,” The Associated Press reports. “It imposes a duty to intercede on officers who see a colleague using excessive force and changes rules on the use of force to stress the sanctity of life.”

Social Security card on top of a bed of money

Trump regime: Americans on Social Security will have to file a simple tax return to receive a $1,200 check

“Many lawmakers and advocates for the poor say filing a tax return shouldn’t be necessary for people on Social Security since the government already knows how to send this population monthly checks. The $2.2 trillion aid package said that if someone has not filed a 2019 or 2018 tax return, the U.S. Treasury should get their information from Social Security, if applicable,” The Washington Post reports.