Macaulay Point Outfall

At long last, Victoria region to get modern sewage treatment plant

Following decades of prodding, local leaders representing communities in the greater Victoria area have approved a plan to build a modern state of the art sewage treatment plant at McLoughlin Point in Esquimalt. When the plant is complete, Victoria will subject its sewage to a tertiary treatment process (the highest and best level available) instead of dumping raw sewage into the Strait of Juan de Fuca as it does today. The plant and related infrastructure is slated to be built by 2020.

The climate crisis, visualized

Flooding of coast, caused by damage to the climate, has already begun

“For decades, as the global warming created by human emissions caused land ice to melt and ocean water to expand, scientists warned that the accelerating rise of the sea would eventually imperil the United States’ coastline. Now, those warnings are no longer theoretical: The inundation of the coast has begun. The sea has crept up to the point that a high tide and a brisk wind are all it takes to send water pouring into streets and homes,” the New York Times reports.