Tiffany Smiley can’t bring herself to say that Joe Biden is our legitimately elected President

Watch Republican U.S. Senate candidate Tiffany Smiley decline repeated opportunities to say that Joe Biden (and Kamala Harris) were legitimately elected in 2020. In this same interview with CNN’s Dana Bash, Smiley also declined to say if she wanted Trump’s endorsement.


BASH: The point that President Biden was making is election integrity is also a cornerstone of democracy, and it’s a concern shared by some in your party, that the idea that there are election deniers, that they are sowing doubts about what happened in 2020. So, let’s just drill down on this question. Simple yes or no, do you believe that Joe Biden won the 2020 election, fair and square?

SMILEY: Yes. He is our president. Yes. And to be clear, I think in 2016, Hillary Clinton had concerns. Stacey Abrams had concerns. This is an issue on both sides of the aisle, this isn’t a Democrat or Republican issue. We need to protect the integrity of our elections. They need to be easy to cheat… hard to cheat and easy to vote. That is very clear.

BASH: I’ll ask you about that in a moment, ask you about that in a moment.


BASH: You said that President Biden is our president? Was he fairly elected, legitimately elected?

SMILEY: Yes, Joe Biden is our president. My campaign has been so successful because from day one, I am focused on the endorsement of the voters of Washington state, in delivering results. I care about the people of Washington state. That is who I am fighting for. And unfortunately, Patty Murray fights for Washington, D.C.. Her and Joe Biden have a combined 80 years in government, and we’re just not any better off in Washington state because of that.

BASH: Okay. You didn’t say he was legitimately elected, I just want to give you one more chance to say that, and if you are comfortable with your answer, we will move on.

SMILEY: Yes. I think I made it clear. He is our president, and again, I am focused on the voters of Washington state — I am focused on the future, and what I can deliver. We have a crisis here in Washington State, and I am here to turn crisis into hope.

BASH: Okay.