There could be TWO Georgia Senate runoffs in January!

Everybody knew that the special election for the Senate in Georgia would be resolved by a runoff in January, as the vote on Tuesday was split between three candidates: incumbent Kelly Loeffler, her GOP challenger Doug Collins, and Democrat Raphael Warnock.

However, in a surprise twist, Georgia’s regularly scheduled Senate election may also join the ballot in January. This race, between Sen. David Perdue and Democratic challenger Jon Ossoff, has narrowed significantly as the vote count has gone on, with Perdue recently slipping beneath the 50% of the vote required by state law to avoid a runoff (Perdue currently hovers at an eye-watering 49.98%).

If both races end in runoffs, Georgia will become the political epicenter of the United States – these seats are essential for Democrats to regain control of the Senate and enact Joe Biden’s agenda.

If Jon Ossoff wins his race, he would become the youngest member of the Senate.