The race narrows even more in Georgia.

Trump’s lead in Georgia has been slowly, painstakingly eroded over the past few hours, going down from 0.8% at the end of reporting last night to 0.3% currently.

Georgia’s Secretary of State estimated earlier today that there were around 60,000 votes left to count (although Democratic experts claim there may be more). If this number is accurate, Biden will need to win 62% of these to take the lead in the Peach State.

A recent batch of 6,000 votes from Fulton County – where much of Atlanta is – went for Biden by 72%, well clear of the mark he will need to win the state.

If Joe Biden wins Georgia, Trump will have no way to reach 270 electoral college votes – even if gets a surprise win in the linchpin state of Pennsylvania.

These numbers are also good news for Senate Democrats, who need a net of two more wins to take control of the upper chamber of Congress. Georgia has two Senate seats up for grabs this year, both of which require a candidate to win over 50% of the vote to win outright.