Mitch McConnell warns Democrats not to try “radical change” in victory speech.

Mitch McConnell easily cruised to re-election tonight, despite (or perhaps even because of) the untold millions of dollars poured into the coffers of his Democratic opponent, Amy McGrath by donors across the country.

In his victory speech, the Kentucky Senator warned Democrats against trying to change the country’s institutions: “This is no time to declare war on our institutions because one side is angry that the framers made it hard to achieve radical change.”

This is rank hypocrisy coming from a man who has made his entire career out of twisting U.S. institutions into a machine for cranking out far-right, anti-democratic radicalism. If the Democrats win tonight, they should not rest until they have torn down McConnell’s proudest achievements; expand the Supreme Court to reflect the actual views of Americans, allow statehood for Puerto Rico and D.C. to right the Republican tilt of the Senate, and put an end to GOP-favoring gerrymandering practices across the country.