Joe Biden has won the 2020 election…at long last

Joe Biden will become the next president of the United States, after his lead in the state of Pennsylvania surpassed the threshold for a vote recount, guaranteeing him 273 votes in the electoral college.

Biden’s win came after three and a half days of uncertainty, as the vast number of votes cast by mail were counted slower than votes cast on Election Day itself. Despite the long wait, the announcement of Biden’s win caused spontaneous celebrationson the streets of many U.S. cities.

However, this election is not over yet. Less than an hour before Biden’s win Pennsylvania, Trump tweeted “I WON THIS ELECTION, BY A LOT!” While the President’s childish petulance is hardly a departure from his norm for the past four years, the tweet does signal that he is likely to use any means available to challenge the result – expect a long period of lawsuits and chaotic behaviour from the Trump team, as they try to delay the inevitable.