Joe Biden gives a victory speech in Wilmington – LIVE

Joe Biden joins Kamala Harris on the stage to a Bruce Springsteen soundtrack.

His first words, “my fellow Americans,” remind the crowd of how a president is supposed to act after an election.

Biden calls his win, “a victory for we the people…with the most votes ever cast in the history of the nation.”

Biden immediately differentiates himself from the divisiveness of the Trump era, promising to only see the United States, not red or blue states.

Biden takes plenty of time to laud the women in his life and on his election team – particularly his wife, Jill, and Kamala Harris.

Thumping the podium, Biden promises to have the back of the African-American community, because they guaranteed his victory.

Addressing Trump supporters, Biden says, “let’s give each other a chance…see each other again, listen to each other again.” Quoting Scripture, Biden says “there is a time for everything…a time to sow and a time to reap…this is a time to heal.”

Biden lists a variety of battles his administration will have to face: over the pandemic, racial justice, healthcare, and ensuring democratic rights.

Biden promises to name a group of scientists and experts to a coronavirus taskforce: “I will spare no effort, or any commitment, to turn around this pandemic!”

Biden calls this time in history “an inflection point,” bringing up his pledge to “restore the soul of America.” He goes over much of the idealistic rhetoric of his campaign: “I believe in the possibilities of this country…it’s always been a bad bet to bet against America…there’s never been anything we’ve not been able to do when we’ve done it together!”

Biden argues that his election win is part of a mandate from the American people to cooperate across the aisle with Republicans – it’s hard to see that working out, with the current GOP.

In the White House, Donald Trump appears to be in total denial – even his Twitter account has gone dark.

Rounding off his speech, Biden cites a Christian hymn, encouraging Americans to “rise on eagles’ wings” to meet the challenges of the future.