Good morning! Not much has changed overnight.

Sadly, we were not treated to an early Biden win on election night, and I had to retreat to bed with the knowledge that the election could drag on all week.

While no new states have been declared, the results that have come in all give Democrats reason for optimism. With plenty of mail-in ballots from Democratic-leaning areas still to be counted, Joe Biden has a slim lead in Michigan and Wisconsin. While Biden is lagging in Pennsylvania, about a fifth of ballots remain uncounted, and these are likely to lean heavily Democratic. Trump’s leads in Georgia and North Carolina keep narrowing (both are must-win states for the Republicans). It also appears that Arizona is in the bag for Joe Biden.

In the scramble for the Senate, the Democrats have managed to flip two seats (Arizona and Colorado), but lost Doug Jones’ seat in Alabama. If Joe Biden wins the presidency, the Dems will need two more wins, which will most likely come out of North Carolina and Maine. Georgia’s two Senate seats are also up for grabs, which makes the current state of the race there (only 90,000 votes between Trump and Biden, according to the New York Times) very interesting.