Democrat Mark Kelly wins in Arizona

The Democrats are one agonizing step closer to clawing back control of the Senate. Mark Kelly – an engineer, former astronaut, and husband of former-Representative Gabbie Giffords – has defeated Martha McSally in the state of Arizona. McSally was one of the weakest Republican incumbents – indeed, she lost the election for Arizona’s other Senate seat two years ago – while Kelly was one of the Democratic Party’s best challengers.

Kelly’s wide margin of victory likely spells good news for Joe Biden in Arizona, where a win would help put paid to the faux victory narrative that Donald Trump is currently spewing from his White House podium.

A win in Arizona would also show that Biden’s disappointing performance with Hispanic voters in Florida and Texas does not extend across the board. Strategists from both parties will doubtless have many lessons to learn from how the Hispanic vote broke down tonight.