At 1am PST, it’s clear that this election won’t be decided any time soon!

Well, it wasn’t the crushing Biden landslide we had been hoping for. If the former Vice President had won Florida, I would probably be asleep right now. If the Democrats had succeeded in their decades-long quest to flip Texas Blue tonight, I wouldn’t have to be awake to tell you all this.But alas, it was not to be.

Even though Donald Trump won Florida and appears to be clinging on in North Carolina, his path to victory is by no means certain. Despite his misleading rhetoric, the slow results from the “Rust Belt” states of Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania make this race too close to call yet.

There are plenty of encouraging signs for Democrats. Biden is almost certain to win Arizona, and might even eke out a win in Georgia, a state Democrats haven’t won for decades. If he manages these two, he will need only one of the three remaining “Rust Belt” states for an electoral college victory.

Understandably, the Vice President’s campaign is advising caution and patience. On the other side, the Republicans have already gotten the gears of their propaganda machine grinding, with barely-veiled accusations of voter fraud mixed in with premature declarations of victory, seasoned with the threat of a barrage of lawsuits to ensure that the American people’s votes won’t get counted.