After publicly cursing out her son, Pam Roach blames Democratic activists for her behavior

The following is a transcript of an exchange that occurred at an October 5th retreat of the Republican-dominated Pierce County Council between Pam “Who Moved My Flowers!?” Roach, Derek Young, and Roach’s son Dan.

PAM ROACH: Maybe we should get back and ask what the motivation was, which is fairly obvious, for providing information that had nothing to do with what was in front of us — and it was wrong.

PAUL BOCCHI (senior legislative analyst): And we will have a lot more discussion about that next week.

DEREK YOUNG: Since the executive’s office isn’t here to defend itself —

PAM ROACH: They’re sitting right here, but OK.

DEREK YOUNG: What you’re saying isn’t accurate, and I need to say something. So I don’t think it was ever represented that Franklin Pierce High School was in the Bethel School District. We did have a letter supporting from Bethel School District, and the reason was that Bethel School District is immediately adjacent to it. This facility will serve that area. So it’s not completely unrelated as it was claimed. I understand that you misunderstood that …



DAN ROACH: [Pounding gavel] Stop, no, stop, both of you are done. Stop.

PAM ROACH: I’m gonna put you —

DAN ROACH: Stop. We’re not even gonna talk about this.

PAM ROACH Go ahead and do it again.

DAN ROACH: Just stop.

PAM ROACH: (expletive) you. I’m leaving. Look —

DAN ROACH: Really?

PAM ROACH: Well Dan, what is the deal here? He’s misrepresenting me.

DAN ROACH: No, we’re not having the conversation. We’re talking about a budget.

PAM ROACH: He is misrepresenting me, and I’m tired of it.

DAN ROACH: [Pounding gavel] We’re done. Continue please, Paul.

Following the exchange, Roach sent a statement to The News Tribune of Tacoma in which she blamed Democratic activists for her behavior.

Earlier today, during a council event that was held off-campus, I got very passionate during a political discussion with my fellow councilmembers, including my son Dan. In the heat of the moment I used harsh words that I regret. It was a mistake. I love my son dearly but sometimes we have political disagreements. Nonetheless, that’s no excuse for harsh language. It seems I’ve been listening to too many Democrat protesters lately.

So much for taking responsibility for her actions.