Dana Milbank: Paul Ryan has been living in a cave

Trump congratulating Russian President Vladimir Putin on his “election”?

PAUL RYAN: “I don’t know the content of that conversation.”

Trump’s claim that President Barack Obama wiretapped Trump Tower?

PAUL RYAN: “I didn’t see the interview.”

Trump’s conflicts of interest with his family business?

PAUL RYAN: “I haven’t looked at the details of the arrangement.”

Trump’s call for lawmakers to investigate “fake news outlets.”

PAUL RYAN: “I’m not familiar with the statement.”

“Sorry. I’ve been — I was pretty busy.”

Trump’s attacks on NFL players over the national anthem?

PAUL RYAN: “I haven’t seen all of his comments.”

FBI agents looking for information about the “Access Hollywood” tape when they raided Trump lawyer Michael Cohen’s offices?

PAUL RYAN: “I didn’t even read the article.”

Trump’s strained call with the Australian prime minister?

PAUL RYAN: “Don’t know the content of the call.”

Trump threatening to pull FEMA from Puerto Rico after the hurricane?

PAUL RYAN: “I’m a little busy today. I haven’t been looking at Twitter.”

— Dana Milbank: Paul Ryan has been living in a cave