KJR’s Mitch Levy caught in prostitution sting

Yesterday, The Seattle Times reported that Bellevue police had conducted a prostitution sting in Bellevue, opening up their own temporary brothel. Over one hundred men were swept up in the dragnet, including KJR’s Mitch Levy.

Reaction to Levy’s arrest on social media has been (not surprisingly) unkind.

“Feel cheated by Mitch Levy,” tweeted one Seahawks fan. “No host talked about his kids and wife more than him. Can’t respect men who run around on their family.”

What many people may not know is that Levy already had a checkered history that includes chauvinistic comments as well as misogynist stunts.

For example:

Mitch Levy, morning host at sports radio KJR-AM, certainly seems inclined to borrow a few moves from the [Rob] Tepper/[Andy] Savage playbook, if that’s what Seattle wants.

In addition to reporting sports news and interviewing legends such as basketball’s Magic Johnson, Levy has branched out to gab on-air with models Claudia Schiffer and Kathy Ireland, and hold an annual “Queen of the Hardwood” competition to select the best celebrity pin-ups.

In a move that must’ve sent any puritanical listeners into frothing convulsions, he even once sang an appreciative ditty about KOMO TV news anchor Kathi Goertzen. Based on “The 12 Days of Christmas,” Levy’s substitute lyrics imagined Goertzen in fishnet stockings, 3-inch stiletto heels, and (substituting for the familiar “five golden rings” refrain) “edible crotchless panties.”

Then, in 2003, there was this:

Seattle Storm standout Sue Bird canceled a wager made earlier this season with KJR talk show host Mitch Levy, who had proposed to spank her on his program if she lost the bet. […] As the bet stood, Bird would have had to cry, “Harder, Daddy, harder” during the spanking if she lost. If Bird won the bet, Levy would have had to buy season tickets to Storm games next year.

And more recently, there has been weekly segment on Mitch’s morning show with dancers from Kitten’s Cabaret.

Exploitation of women seems to be a recurring theme with Mitch Levy. Mitch is setting a bad example for men — and especially young men — everywhere.

Enough is enough. KJR should cancel his show and take him off the air.