Amtrak’s new “Break The Travel Quo” campaign showcases the advantages of rail travel

Amtrak, America’s passenger railroad, has been facing the prospect of deep service cuts ever since Donald Trump and his minions rolled out their first budget proposal. But, buoyed by Congress’ refusal to (so far) implement the proposed evisceration of its long distance routes, Amtrak this week rolled out a brand new ad campaign that brilliantly showcases the advantages of rail travel, called Break the Travel Quo.

The first spot touts the fact that you can bring up to four bags on Amtrak… for free!

The second spot explains that there’s an alternative to driving on increasingly congested roads: rail travel. Highway traffic jams can be bypassed with Amtrak.

The third spot offers a reminder that most Amtrak trains have a dining car that serves food that doesn’t suck. You can eat three hearty meals, three times a day!

And the fourth spot reminds travelers you don’t have to use your devices in “Airplane Mode” while going by train.

Well done, Amtrak! Well done, indeed.

None of these spots are as good as “Kids Repeat” from 2009, but it would be extremely hard for Amtrak to top that commercial, which is probably its all time greatest ad. Watch Kids Repeat yourself below, either again or for the first time: