Reminder of the day: The American people voted for Hillary Clinton, not Donald Trump

Former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski was on Meet the Press today, and when asked about whether a new chief of staff can put an end to chaos in the White House, he predictably responded:

I say you have to let Trump be Trump. That is what has made him successful over the last thirty years. That is what the American people voted for. And anybody who thinks they’re going to change Donald Trump doesn’t know Donald Trump.

Lewandowski is wrong. The American people didn’t vote for Donald Trump. The Electoral College did. That is why Trump is President. The American people collectively voted for Hillary Clinton to be their Commander-in-Chief.

In the election, Clinton received 65,853,516 votes, or 48.5%. Trump received 62,984,825 votes, or 46.4%. That is a difference of 2,868,691 votes.

Also, Donald Trump’s career as a businessman has been littered with repeated failures and bankruptcies, so it can hardly be called successful. Trump has certainly conned people into buying into that mythology, however.