Time for a change in the weather! Rain is on its way to the Pacific Northwest

And we certainly do need it! From the National Weather Service:

A change to wet and cooler weather is in store for Western
Washington… Today will be the last day of dry weather with above normal temperatures. Tonight…a change in the weather pattern will begin. The dome of high pressure that has prevailed over the region will give way… allowing wet and cooler conditions to become established over the area.

Friday through this weekend will be wet across Western Washington. Rain will become locally heavy at times…especially in the mountains… on Saturday. Rainfall amounts during the two day period ending at 5 AM PDT Sunday are forecast to be in the 1 to 2.5 inch range for most areas but the south facing slopes of the Olympics and Cascades could receive 3 to 5 inches of rain. This amount of rain will likely end or help reduce the size of the ongoing wildfires in the mountains.

Daytime temperatures will be below normal Friday through this weekend. It is likely that most lowland sites will fail to reach 70 degrees this weekend…especially on Sunday.

It will also become locally windy on Saturday due to a strong front moving across the area. some southerly wind prone places on the coast and in the Northwest interior could have gusts in the 45 to 50 mph range. Those planning outdoor activities in the mountains this weekend
should pay close attention to the latest forecasts from the
National Weather Service.

Let it rain! Precipitation is what keeps the Evergreen State and its neighbors evergreen. Time to replenish our reservoirs and curb those wildfires.