Rod Hearne reflects on his now-ended campaign for Seattle City Council District #3

Equal Rights Washington alum Rod Hearne, who was in the running to take on Kshama Sawant for Seattle City Council District #3, has just posted a short note thanking supporters and reflecting on his now-ended campaign.

He writes:

It is a great experience to run for office and it’s been surprisingly rewarding even as it’s clear that my campaign won’t be going on to the General Election. I’ve learned so much running for City Council it’s been great to meet so many people who care so much for their city, their community and their neighbors. I’m looking forward to staying involved in the life of Seattle through its community organizations, its arts organizations and, of course through its politics.

All the best to all who participated, win or lose, in this election. It’s been tremendous getting to know you!

This is a very gracious and thoughtful reaction to a tough loss. Kudos to Rod for setting a good example for others to follow.