Bernie Sanders visits overflow crowd outside Hec Ed before addressing rally inside

After approximately 12,000 Bernie Sanders supporters filled the University of Washington’s Hec Edmundson Pavilion, another 3,000 who had lined up before the 6 PM start time were given the word that the arena had reached maximum capacity. But cheers erupted within minutes of the disappointing news as Sanders – ever the populist – hiked up the road to the main entrance to greet the overflow crowd.

The independent junior Senator from Vermont used his limited time to stress the importance of “banding together” and refusing to accept the divisive nature of today’s political discourse, before quickly covering a laundry list of the key policy issues that drive his broad populist support.

Among them:

  • the critical fight against big money’s influence in elections, closely linked with the skyrocketing wealth disparity
  • the need to reform the criminal justice system and end institutional prejudice
  • and plans for investments in infrastructure and education

Bernie praised grassroots supporters nationwide for leading such a momentous campaign, before thanking those gathered for being a part of the largest event for any one of the 2016 presidential candidates to date.