Florida court records show Marco Rubio and his wife are extremely careless drivers

The New York Times has uncovered court records which show that Republican presidential hopeful Marco Rubio and his wife, who reside in Florida, are extremely careless drivers. The couple have been repeatedly cited for speeding (including in a school zone), failing to obey a stop sign, and lacking insurance.

In total, the pair have been cited seventeen times. That’s right: Seventeen!

There’s a saying that people who cannot be trusted in small matters cannot be trusted in large ones. This isn’t to say that driving a car is a small thing – distracted or careless driving can mean the difference between living and dying out on the road – but driving a car is a small thing compared to driving a country.

Marco Rubio’s driving record doesn’t reflect well on him as a person or as a candidate. It’s evidence of recklessness and disregard for the well-being of others.

If Rubio can’t be bothered to set a good example as a motorist, he’s not someone Americans can trust to be an elected leader at any level.