As Star Wars: The Force Awakens approaches, fans get creative with in-universe humor

The long-awaited release of the next installment of Star Wars is drawing increasingly nearer. To help pass the time, a number of Star Wars fans have gotten creative and begun penning deliciously sharp satirical pieces.

“With all six Star Wars movies finally released digitally and Episode VII hitting cinemas before the end of the year, I’ve found this dangling thread from Return of the Jedi…” writes Paul Fitzpatrick, who wrote in the character of a Rebel general.

Not to be outdone, Alexandra Petri of the Washington Post filed this gem, writing, “I am proud to print a letter from a stormtrooper (not John Boyega, one of the others). You can see him in the trailer, briefly, next to an explosion in a couple of frames. I think he has some valid concerns.”

Ars Technica has a rundown of what’s known about the film so far.