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Chat Transcript

President Barack Obama chides CBS’ Major Garrett: You don’t need to be the mouthpiece of congressional Republicans

PRESIDENT OBAMA: I’m happy to engage Republicans with additional ideas for how we can enhance that. I should note that our clean energy production is booming as well. And so Keystone I just consider as one small aspect of a broader trend that’s really positive for the American people. And let’s see — okay, medical device tax. I’ve already answered the question. We are going to take a look at whatever ideas — let me take a look comprehensively at the ideas that they present. Let’s give them time to tell me. I’d rather hear it from them than from you.

CBS’ MAJOR GARRETT: For example —


CBS’ MAJOR GARRETT: I’m just telling you what they said.

PRESIDENT OBAMA: Conceivably, I could just cancel my meeting on Friday because I’ve heard everything from you. I think I’d rather let Mitch McConnell —

CBS’ MAJOR GARRETT:  I just asked if it was a line you couldn’t cross.

PRESIDENT OBAMA: I’d rather hear from Mitch McConnell and John Boehner what ideas they’d like to pursue, and we’ll have a conversation with them on that.

— Exchange between CBS’ White House correspondent Major Garrett and President Barack Obama at post-election press conference at the White House.