Press corps wants to know: Was White House aware of Boehner’s plan to sue Obama?

From today’s press briefing at the White House:

QUESTION: Speaker Boehner was over here yesterday for an event with the President. Do you know if he told the President that this lawsuit was coming?

MR. EARNEST: I’m not able to speak with a lot of detail about what kinds of conversations they may have had while the Speaker was here.

QUESTION: Could you check on that? Did the President have any kind of heads-up that this was happening?

MR. EARNEST: We typically don’t read out in detail much of the conversations that are had when they do occur between the President and Speaker of the House. But if I can get you some more information, I’ll look into it.

QUESTION: Do you know if others at the White House were aware that this was going to be happening before the Speaker’s announcement today?

MR. EARNEST: I’m not aware of that. But again, let me look into whether or not the White House got any heads-up with this.

(Transcript courtesy of the White House.)