John Boehner announces plan to waste millions of dollars suing Barack Obama for “not faithfully executing the laws”

Ohio Republican John Boehner, who gets paid to pretend to lead the U.S. House, is so uninterested in governing and so bored with obstructing President Obama’s agenda that he is preparing to file a frivolous lawsuit against President Barack Obama for “not faithfully executing the laws” of the United States of America.

In a vaguely-worded, hyperpartisan memo to members of the House, Boehner accused President Barack Obama of breaching his oath of office, and called on the chamber’s other four hundred plus representatives to support his  soon to be introduced bill to order a lawsuit. Boehner offered no justification for the suit, either in the letter or in subsequent remarks with reporters at the Capitol.

He indicated the legal challenge would be based on “executive actions” taken by the President, but did not specify any particular actions that he finds objectionable. Which is par for the course. Republicans seem to believe they were elected to stage political theater. That is what they spend the vast majority of their time engaging in. Governing is an afterthought. It’s a troublesome responsibility that Republicans would rather not have. They are interested in power, but not governing.

We can tell by their actions – for actions speak louder than words.

Very occasionally, John Boehner and a small band of Republican underlings belatedly votes to pay the country’s bills and keep the government open, or reauthorize longstanding legislation like the Violence Against Women Act.

Other than that, it’s all been political theater. They have utterly refused to work with the President and the Senate on any major policy priority since they came to power.

Sadly, GOP nowadays stands for Graveyard of Progress. The Onion got it right when it satirized Eric Cantor’s loss in a story titled “Resigning House Leader Cantor Reflects On All The Accomplishments He Thwarted“.