“Jet train” still holds U.S. rail speed record

"Jet train" still holds U.S. rail speed record

We are so far behind Japan and Europe in developing a high speed rail system that the United States rail speed record continues to belong to an trainset with a jet engine strapped to the top of of it. General Electric:

On July 23, 1966, railroad engineer Don Wetzel and his colleagues from the now defunct New York Central Railroad attached two GE J-47-19 engines to the roof of a stock commuter car and sent their creation down a straight section of Ohio tracks. It reached speeds of 183 miles per hour, setting a U.S. rail speed record that still stands today.

Although the jet train was scrapped years ago, it was recreated by LEGO virtuoso Aleksander Stein and today, we have brought it to life again in a winter wonderland.