Closing remarks at Port Commission candidate forum

Thomas Albro: The Port of Seattle is a vital component of the regional economy. A stronger Port builds a stronger economy. We need to focus on building our economy and minimizing ecological footprint. We are sitting on our future, let’s steward it and leave it for our grandchildren in a way we are proud of.

Chris Cain: The Port of Seattle is out of balance. It’s not respecting and serving the people of King County. It should be answering to them but instead it’s been doing the bidding of special interests.

Rob Holland: The Port should be about jobs and the economy. 200,000 jobs and $17 billion in the local economy. Described himself as a working class guy who lives by the airport. Says we need a Port which will emphasize quality of life, jobs, and protect our environment for future generations to enjoy.

Al Yuen: Says he has time to give to the people, and experience where it matters. Has traveled extensively overseas.

John Creighton: Proud to serve as a Port commissinor. We have made progress on accountablilty and transparency. Says we are in danger of sliding backwards.