• Since its founding in 2003, NPI has been sustained by the generosity of activists and engaged citizens like you. Independent thought, agility, and ingenuity are in our DNA. We work every day to raise America’s quality of life by building infrastructure that promotes progressive values, principles, and policy directions. Meet our team and see examples of our research, advocacy, photojournalism, and events.

    Benefits of membership

    The team at NPI deeply appreciates each and every person who sustains our projects and publications. As one way of saying thank you for investing in our work, we offer the following benefits of membership.

    • Activist: Members who donate $25 per year or more receive a Framing Sense handbook that provides useful advice on how to communicate using the logic of progressive values.
    • Advocate: Members who donate $50 per year or more receive an NPI-designed wall calendar that lists key legislative and election dates and birthdays of inspiring progressive leaders in addition to holidays and phases of the moon, plus Framing Sense.
    • Sustainer: Members who donated $100 per year or more receive a Washington Progressive Blogroll t-shirt listing all the progressive blogs we know about from our home state, plus Framing Sense and our wall calendar. T-shirts are printed by a local union shop in a different color each year.
    • Champion: Members who donate $250 per year or more receive a coffee table photobook that beautifully depicts a collection of images taken by NPI staff, plus Framing Sense, our wall calendar, and a Washington Progressive Blogroll t-shirt. NPI offers a different photobook each year.

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    Becoming a member of NPI is easy. Simply provide your contact information below and click Submit. Our website will generate a printable membership form for you in Portable Document Format (PDF). Print a copy of that PDF using your printer, enclose a check for the membership level you chose, and mail to:

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    You may also remit payment of your dues by credit card if you prefer. Follow this link to pay with a card (your payment will securely processed by Visa's Authorize.Net).

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    I will train myself to think long term and look at the big picture. I will always keep an open mind and be willing to embrace new ideas and techniques. I will organize for change offline as well as online. Whenever possible, I will give young progressive activists and new progressive activists an opportunity to step up and make a difference. I will challenge and confront intolerance without allowing myself to become intolerant. I will speak out for those who have no voice, no lobbyist, and no advocate. As an activist with an audience, I will help preserve the art of storytelling. I will never pass up an opportunity to reframe and help teach others about the logic of America's progressive values, especially empathy and responsibility. As a thought leader, I will help lead my fellow citizens to new positions, not follow polls, for that is what real leadership is. I will help maintain a strong first line of defense against threats to our Constitution, our common wealth, and our vital public services. No matter how depressing and hopeless circumstances may seem, I will keep putting one foot forward every day, working cheerfully for a more peaceful future for the Pacific Northwest, the United States, and this diverse planet we call Earth.

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