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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Seattle Times endorses Suzan DelBene for Congress in WA-08... again

As expected, the Blethen-owned Seattle Times, which enjoys the highest circulation of any newspaper in the state, has affirmed its earlier endorsement of Suzan DelBene for the August 17th election with a general election endorsement:
The Seattle Times endorses Democrat Suzan DelBene. The technology entrepreneur from Medina is politically untested but offers tremendous promise.

A deep and continuing financial crisis calls out for someone with sharp business and entrepreneurial skills and an acute understanding of what went wrong in the first place. DelBene is an unambiguous supporter of the tough financial reforms recently enacted by Congress. Reichert would work to repeal parts of the reform legislation. A repeal would signal a return to diminished federal oversight and watered-down consumer protections.
The editorial makes it clear the Blethens are disappointed in Reichert, and are ready to move on after years of carrying water for him. The endorsement actually covers a lot of ground, and Suzan (like Patty Murray) is recognized for her support of net neutrality, an issue that the Blethens are progressive on, but which has not factored into their endorsements in the last few cycles. It looks like they're finally starting to use it as a key barometer, which is entirely appropriate.

The Times' endorsement of Suzan is its third consecutive endorsement of a Democrat in a competitive federal race this cycle. In the last midterms, the Times went Republican, backing Mike McGavick, Dave Reichert, and Cathy McMorris Rodgers over Maria Cantwell, Darcy Burner, and Peter Goldmark. Perhaps they've reversed course because they've taken so many atrocious and indefensible stands in state and legislative races. (They're also backing most of the evil corporate ballot measures, and trying to help torpedo Initiative 1098).

Congratulations to Suzan on securing the Times' endorsement. It's a real coup... not because the Blethens' opinion matters, but because it's always a big deal when a challenger can convince a stodgy editorial board to abandon an incumbent and recommend a fresh face to voters.


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