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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

President Barack Obama arrives in Seattle, beginning second visit of his presidency

After speaking to a crowd of thousands at the Oregon Convention Center on behalf of Oregon's Democratic gubernatorial nominee (John Kitzhaber) earlier this evening, President Barack Obama and his entourage boarded Air Force One for a quick flight from Portland's Air National Guard Station to Seattle's Boeing Field.

The flight, which reporters traveling with the President described as "uneventful", ended at 9:22 PM when Air Force One touched down.

The modified Boeing 747 swept in from the north, barreled down the runway, and then made two one hundred and eighty degree turns before taxiing to a halt in front of the airport's passenger terminal.

Air Force One parked on the tarmac
Ground crews wheeled a Lift-a-Loft to the side of the aircraft as the President's motorcade and police escort pulled up alongside.

Moments later, Obama appeared, waved, and strode down the stairs.

President Barack Obama waves as he exits Air Force One
Besides his own advance team, he was greeted by Governor Chris Gregoire, U.S. Representatives Jim McDermott and Jay Inslee, King County Executive Dow Constantine, state Senators Ed Murray, Marilyn Strickland, Karen Keiser, and Claudia Kauffman, and several local Democratic activists.

After thanking this welcoming committee, the President briskly walked over to the fifty or so people gathered behind metal barricades to shake hands.

This came as a surprise to some of the reporters with me on the press riser, who had speculated that the President would just get into his limousine and drive to his hotel after a long day. Obama opted not to disappoint the crowd, however.

Presidential motorcade departs Boeing Field
Shortly before ten o'clock, he climbed into his limo and the long presidential motorcade sped away. It arrived in downtown Seattle several minutes later, having made use of the northbound lanes of Interstate 5. We understand the President is staying at the Westin, which is used to hosting very important guests.


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