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Friday, September 25, 2009

Alderwood Mall Apple Store employee walkout on the horizon?

Does anybody like an angry Genius?

On October 3rd, Apple definitely will not.

As we think about labor relations in the 21st century technology and service economy, we must be mindful that fair wages, safe working environments, and non-retaliatory feedback mechanisms are as important as they've ever been.

Employees at the Apple store in Lynnwood store characterize their management as “abusive,” and say that there have been possible state and federal labor law violations at the store. The workers also say that their request for an internal investigation has been ignored.

Apple has a history of being a notoriously secretive company; they do, after all, sell proprietary software. It's no surprise that their labor problems have not been widely publicized. The actions of these employees illustrate the importance of taking a stand and demanding fair treatment in the workplace.


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