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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Miss last night's candidate forum for Port Commission candidates in South Park?

Last night candidates for Seattle Port Commission gathered together in South Park for a candidate forum sponsored by a long list of progressive and civic organizations, including a number of local unions and environmental groups.

The forum, moderated by former Seattle Post-Intelligencer Kristen Young, featured five candidates: Al Yuen and Rob Holland (who have filed for Position 3), John Creighton (running for reelection to Position 1), Thomas Albro (running for Position 4) and Chris Cain (who doesn't know what position he's running for yet).

David Doud was the only candidate who has filed who did not participate, excluding Alec Fisken, who regrettably announced last night that he is withdrawing from the race and won't run for Port Commission.

I wasn't there last night, but fortunately, Daniel went and covered the event for us, and from his reporting, it seems like it was fairly informative.

I'm told the Port candidates only had thirty seconds to answer questions, which seems way too short. From my experience moderating the King County Democrats' Executive Candidate Forum, one minute is definitely the bare mimimum for allowing candidates to provide substantive answers.

Here's the link to Daniel's coverage at In Brief, The Advocate's sister station (so to speak) if you're interested in reading further.


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