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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Filing Week 2009: A look at who's filed in key races as of Tuesday afternoon

June and the 2009 filing period for elected office are finally upon us. All this week, elections officials around the state will be accepting formal declarations of candidacy from Washingtonians who have decided they want to run for office.

King County in particular has a number of important contests on the ballot this year, (as I've previously observed) so we'll be keeping a close watch on its filings. This post is the second in a series of Filing Week reports we'll be bringing you at regular intervals until the close of filing on Friday at 4:30 PM.

King County Executive
Two more candidates have filed - Democrat Larry Phillips and Republican Alan Lobdell. They join Dow Constantine and Fred Jarrett.

King County Council
Councilmembers Bob Ferguson and Kathy Lambert have filed for reelection. They represent Districts 1 and 3, respectively.

Seattle Port Commission
Rob Holland has filed for Position 4 (which Pat Davis is vacating).

Norman Zigler has filed for Mayor of Seattle. Jessie Israel has filed for Position 6 and Robert Rosencrantz has filed for Position 8 on the Seattle City Council.

Patsy Bonincontri and Kevin R. Wallace have filed for Bellevue City Council Position 4. Don Davidson and Michael Marchand have filed for Position 6.

School Districts
Michael DeBell has filed for reelection to Seattle School Board Position 4.

UPDATE: The Spokesman-Review reports that one of Tim Eyman's partners in greed, Mike Fagan, has filed to run for Spokane City Council against incumbent Al French. Eyman himself has vowed never to seek elected office, presumably so he can avoid the responsibility of dealing with the consequences of his ill-conceived initiatives. Eyman's latest initiative, I-1033, would have a devastating impact on the City of Spokane. It is co-sponsored by Mike Fagan.

We hope that Spokane voters and civic groups take advantage of every opportunity to ask Mike Fagan on the campaign trail what public services he would vote to cut as a Spokane City Councilmember. Citizens of Spokane ought to hear specifics. What does Fagan want to get rid of?

Should the city ditch park maintenance? Close half of its firehouses in response to Initiative 1033? Lay off part of its police force?

Fagan is a candidate now. He can no longer say "That's not my problem." The horrible consequences of his own initiative will be his problem if Spokane voters make the mistake of electing him to City Council.

TUESDAY EVENING UPDATE: Brian Carver and David Bloom have filed for Seattle City Council Position 4, bringing the total of candidates in that race to four.

Kay Smith-Blum has filed for Seattle School Board Position 5, currently held by Mary Bass. Bass has not yet filed for reelection.

Other than that it was a pretty quiet afternoon in major King County races. Ross Hunter and Susan Hutchinson remain the only candidates formally undeclared in the Executive race. No challengers have yet materialized for any incumbents on the Redmond and Kirkland City Councils, and only person has filed for the few positions that are being vacated. Meanwhile, no one has filed for King County Sheriff.


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